Fuel Automation

Fuel Automation

Monitor each transaction of fuel with the help of CCR fuel Automation

Fuel contributes more than 40% of the operational expenses of the large & heavy machines. The fuel prices has a major impact on bulk fuel consumers. Fuel pilferage can cause more unprofitably than expected. Hence, visibility of fuel transactions are needed to increase profitability.

Fuel Automation solution is the combination of the Digitised Fuel Dispenser and Fuel Sensor enabled Vehicle to measure & monitor the accurate fuel quantity received.

Benefits of fuel Automation

Real-time Monitoring

Automated fuel management systems provide real-time visibility into fuel levels, usage, and transactions. This enables businesses to monitor their fuel inventory and consumption patterns closely, helping with timely decision-making and preventing fuel shortages or overages.

Cost Savings

By eliminating manual processes, reducing errors, and optimizing inventory, fuel automation leads to cost savings in labor, fuel wastage, and storage expenses. It also helps avoid emergency refueling situations that can incur additional charges.

Detection of Fuel Wastage

The precise mileage and fuel usage of a vehicle are provided by CCR’s cutting-edge sensors and sophisticated analytics. Additionally, it monitors fuel waste based on factors like idling, forceful acceleration, and deceleration and aids in significant fuel cost savings.


As soon as the fuel level abruptly exceeds the set limits, receive real-time alerts by SMS, app, or email to help prevent fuel theft.

Streamline fuel

Our fleet fuel management software improves communications, operations, and transactions involving Fuel. On any mobile device, our solution provides total access to fuel data.


Automated fuel systems often come with robust security features such as access controls, fuel card authentication, and data encryption. This ensures that only authorized personnel can access and dispense fuel, minimizing the risk of theft or unauthorized usage.